Wednesday, December 31, 2008

INSIDE OUT: Wellness begins today...........


MANILA, Philippines―Repeat after me:

"Beginning today, I will pay more attention to my well-being."

Almost 100 percent of the time, if you will recite this mantra, subtle changes will begin to happen to you in body, mind, heart and spirit.

Who's making you sick?

It is easy to point an accusing finger at that luscious cheesecake or your uninspiring gym trainer or your workload in the office.

But, truth is, everything―and that means your time, effort or dedication―are all under your own control.

Points to ponder

1. Each time you postpone a trip to the gym or put off your exercise, you are allowing your body to slow down and age faster.

2. Every day you delay your workout, your metabolism slows down.

3. Every extra serving of gravy or cream or dessert you take adds inches to your waistline. So do not be surprised if you cannot zip up your favorite pair of jeans.

4. Mornings that begin with a complaint only attract more situations for you to complain about. This is a truth you must respect as gospel.

5. Skipping meals will only wreak havoc on your blood sugar. One of the secrets to good health is a steady blood sugar level.

6. Adding more and more processed food to your meal means more chemicals pumped into your bloodstream.

7. A heavy heart weighed down by hatred can only have room for more hatred―not peace of heart. What occupies your heart becomes its regular fare. It is what your heart feeds on.

8. The grab-what-you-can approach to eating is called the fast-food mentality. With no idea about what is good for your body, you simply eat what is available or within easy reach.

9. Talking nonsense to yourself is counter-productive. Replaying in your mind traumatic experiences in your life will only depress you further and cause you to be ill. In fact, talking about pain and grievances will create a huge ball of energy around you―one that is destructive.

Inspire yourself

1. If you think you are less than what you believe you can be, think again. People with a poor self-image cause their own miseries. Sure, not everyone can boast of a perfect childhood. But you are not a child anymore. So, get over it and start living.

2. Seek therapy if necessary.

3. If your self-confidence is low, enroll in a personality development course. Talk to your parish priest or pastor for guidance. Consult a parent or big brother/sister, or best friend for support.

4. Ask a nutritionist to design a health plan for you.

5. Go to a bookstore and spend the day reading self-help books.

6. Learn to laugh. When you lighten up, your world becomes brighter.

7. Make it a habit to take multivitamins after your heaviest meals. They will help keep you feeling better.

8. Learn to march to a mission of your own―a personal mission to rebuild your health, renew your heart and revise your spirit. All you need is to say to yourself: "I can and I will."

Love and light!